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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

G-8 Summit Concludes - the attending world leaders agreed keeping Greece in the Euro Zone was a joint goal and there appeared to be a softening of the German led austerity measures. has more here.


Frederick County Maryland Law Enforcement Prepared For The Worst - in their preparation for the nearby G-8 Summit.  As it turned out, protesters were in short supply.  On Friday, a few dozen participated in a walk to Baker Park in downtown Frederick and on Saturday, approximately 100 people participated in a peaceful day at the park. 

In Thurmont, approximately 200 Ethiopians arrived by buses Saturday afternoon to peacefully demonstrate and the riot police on stand-by had their opportunity to briefly emerge.  The demonstration was over as quickly as they arrived.  Here is a link to some video provided by the Frederick News Post.


NATO Summit Begins in Chicago - one of the major issues which will be discussed is the withdrawal from Afghanistan.  The NY Times has more here.


NAACP Endorses same-Sex Marriage - "The mission of the NAACP has always been to ensure the political, social and economic equality of all people," Roslyn M. Brock, the chairman of the NAACP's Board of Directors, said in a statement. “We have and will oppose efforts to codify discrimination into law.” has more here.


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