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Friday, May 4, 2012

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Unemployment at 8.1% - according to new numbers released by the Labor Department for the end of April.  New jobs slowed to 115,000 for the month, which is below the level needed to sustain the economic recovery. has more here.


Obama Leads Romney in Virginia - one of the 11 battleground states which will determine the outcome in the November election.  President Obama receives 51% to 44% for Mitt Romney in the recent Washington Post poll.  You can read more here.


Chen Deal Nears - the resolution of whether chinese dissident Chen Guangchen can leave the country appears close at hand.  The Chinese government has now said Chen can apply for a visa to leave the country to study abroad.  This comes after Chen fled house arrest and sought protection at the U.S. Embassy, followed by his leaving the embassy to enter a hospital for treatment of an injured foot.

This would resolve a deleciate issue for the Obama administartion who have come under fire by Mitt Romney and Republican leaders for the handling of this situation.  The NY Times has more here.


Japan Shuts Down Last Nuclear Power Plant - following the Fukushima Plant disaster.  Electricity demands have been met, perhaps signaling the end to the use of nuclear power plants in Japan. The lack of a safe way to dispose of the spent nuclear rods at nuclear power plants has long been a problem and perhaps now is the time to rethink the use of nuclear power to generate electricity. has more here.


Brown-Warren Battle for Senate Heats Up - Elizabeth Warren, the darling of progressive Democrats has become mired in a controversy surrounding her heritage.  Meanwhile, revelations show incumbent Massachusetts Republican U.S. Senator Scott Brown has benefitted by the passage of the Affordable Health Care Act with the coverage of his adult daughter when he voted against it. has more here. 


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James Aach said...

FYI: Regarding Japan and the last nuclear plant - there is a free entertaining book out there by a long-time US nuclear worker that looks at how US plants operate and how they might deal with a problem like Fukushima's. (Indeed, the profiled plant and nasty event are very similar.) Set in northern Indiana, "Rad Decision, A Novel of Nuclear Power" looks at the people, politics and technology of this controversial energy source. Many positive reader comments. Just Google "Rad Decision" or see my homepage for the free online version.