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Friday, January 20, 2012

GOP CNN Debate Reviews

George Wenschhof

Newt Gingrich, displaying his feisty side, essentially won the debate at the very start when he admonished CNN moderator John King for asking about remarks made by his second wife. The conservative audience, showing a disdain for the media, gave him huge applause for his remarks.

Mitt Romney held his own, except for explaining why he will not release his tax returns until April. Romney was able to effectively question why Republicans were attacking him for being a successful businessman. Look to see the date Romney releases his tax returns moved up if Newt wins S. Carolina on Saturday.

Rick Santorum managed to get in a few digs on Gingrich, especially in regard to the Congressional Banking scandal, which took place during the years Gingrich served in Congress, but otherwise, was outclassed by the other candidates. Texas Representative Ron Paul had his moments, but said nothing of significance to rise above the other candidates.

Public Policy Polling released a two day poll today which shows Gingrich at 35%, Romney at 29%, with Paul and Santorum at 15%. You can read the full results here.

While, Santorum had his best debate to date, look to see him drop out after S. Carolina and endorse Gingrich - Especially, if he finishes fourth behind Ron Paul. A win in S. Carolina and the endorsement of Santorum would give Gingrich the anti-Romney boost needed for him to seriously compete in the Florida primary at the end of the month.

Mark Halperin of has his candidate grades here. has 6 Takeaways here.

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and has five things they learned from debate here.


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