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Sunday, January 22, 2012

First Thoughts on S. Carolina Primary Results

George Wenschhof

One thing is certain, and that is my thoughts the Republican primary would quickly end after Florida, with Mitt Romney, the nominee, were wrong.

With a strong 14 point win in South Carolina, Newt Gingrich has now made the January 31 Florida a battleground state for the Romney campaign. One would think the Gingrich campaign should send a thank you to CNN S. Carolina Debate moderator John King, who started out the debate with a question about Newt's ex-wife.

Although Rick Santorum came in third with 17%, he and Texas Representative Ron Paul 13%, will stay on to cause further consternation in the Republican presidential race.

The problem the Republican Party has at this point is none of their four candidates can beat President Obama. This realization comes, even with the economy continuing to be the number one issue of voters.

The Republican candidate battle to wear the "conservative" crown also highlights the silliness of politics today. Instead of focusing on how to bring Americans together with ideas on how to solve problems we all face today and move forward, the effort to date has been divisive and poisonous; driving Americans against each other.

All of which only serves to continue the obstructionist style of politics witnessed in Washington today.

It is painfully obvious Romney just doesn't have the magical "it", Gingrich has more baggage than a fully loaded 747 airliner, Santorum looks like a confused college student and Paul? - well, he is in a universe all his own.

Speculation is earnest, another candidate will come forward, perhaps Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, who gives the Republican response to President Obama's State of The Union address this week.

All of which continues to put a smile on the Obama reelection campaign.

Some thoughts of others follows:

First reactions from Josh Marshall here. He continues to believe Romney will be the eventual GOP nominee - I agree, providing another candidate does not enter the contest.

Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post has his "five lessons learned from S. Carolina debate" here. has "South Carolina primary results - 9 Takeaways" here. adds their "5 Things we learned from South Carolina primary" here.

Jeff Zeleny of The NY Times adds his take here.


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