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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Iowa Caucuses Near -
it's time to get this over with. Polling shows Republican voters have been unable to decide who they want as their presidential candidate. The latest Iowa poll showing Mitt Romney in a statistical tie with Ron Paul and Rick Santorum charging. Santorum, benefiting by being the last of the anyone but Romney vote, coming just before the Iowa caucuses; minimizing the anti-Santorum counter ads by the other candidates. On top of all of this, many voters are still undecided. Iowa caucuses rules are unique, allowing a change in vote prior to certification by the caucus chair.

So, anything can happen in a multi candidate race. Romney, with the money and campaign organization, stands to benefit the most from a top two finish. Even, a third place finish by Romney, in a state he did not campaign in, would be acceptable. If, Romney finishes first in Iowa, it could be lights out for the rest of the Republican hopefuls.

A strong finish by Santorum in Iowa will not likely lead anywhere for his campaign and Paul is destined for an independent run as he will never receive the Republican Party nomination.

Stay tuned...


Dysfunctional Republican Party -
Robert Reich, former secretary of Labor, has a good read here on his theory on how the Republican Party has evolved into what it is today.


Obama Signs Defense Bill -
but, uses signing statement to express his displeasure with Republican amendment pertaining to treatment of terror suspects; which allows for indefinite incarceration without trial. has more here.

This is a major issue as future presidents may not share the same thoughts as President Obama and follow the bill's language as written.


Chief Justice Roberts Says It's OK For Thomas and Kagan to Hear Health Care Law Case -
this comes as both Justices Clarence Thomas and Elena Kagan have been assailed by the right and left asking that they recluse themselves from the upcoming case. The NY Times has more here.


U.S. Sells 3.5 Billion Missile Defense System to UAE -
Lockheed Martin, with plants in Alabama and Arkansas received the contract. The United Arab Emirates will receive the THAAD missile system. has more here.


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