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Friday, January 6, 2012

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Unemployment Drops to 8.5% - 200,000 Jobs Added in December -
a strong close for 2011 for the Obama administration and a good start to a reelection campaign year. The numbers were just released by the Labor Department. The unemployment rate is the lowest since February 2009. has more here.


S. Carolina Poll Out Today - is reporting Public Polling policy is conducting a poll at the present and the first day of data shows Romney ahead by 10 points. The GOP presidential hopefuls battling for conservative supremacy have to hope for a win in S. Carolina on January 21. Romney is on pace to win New Hampshire on Tuesday in a big way. As, I wrote after the Iowa caucuses, it is Romney's to lose at this point. If, one of the other candidates does not knock off Romney in S. Carolina, it is very likely with Romney's money and organization, he could wrap up the Republican nomination on January 31; the date of the Florida primary. Stay Tuned...


Bay Buchanan Endorses Romney -
the former treasurer under the Reagan administration has endorsed Mitt Romney for President. has more here.


Fractures in GOP House -
after receiving a public pummeling for their ridiculous position on the payroll tax extension, the fighting among House Republicans has increased. Further illustrating House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has lost control. This also strengthens the Democratic Party "drive for 25" effort to retake the House majority in 2012. has more here.


Senator Mikulski Endorses Edwards in MD Congressional Race -
Democratic Representative Donna Edwards is facing a strong challenge from former Prince George's County state's attorney Glen Ivey in the Democratic primary. has more here.


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