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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Daily Political Wire 11-24-2010

George Wenschhof

President Obama Meets with Defense Secretary Robert Gates today to discuss North Korea -
yesterday, the president called South Korean president Lee-Myung-bak and agreed to hold joint military exercises to show solidarity. The NY Times has more here.

President Obama confirms the U.S. commitment to South Korea when interviewed by Barbara Waters in a special to be aired Friday evening on ABC.


Two more House races decided -
Republicans upped their gains to 63 in the House when Democrat Dan Maffei conceded to Republican Anne Marie Buerkel in New York. has more here.

Only two House races now remain undecided, with both favoring the Democratic candidate.


Rahm Emanuel Faces Questions on Residency -
the former white House Chief of Staff is receiving claims from his opponents, including one from his tenant, that he does not meet the one year residency requirement to run for mayor of Chicago.

The Emanuel campaign says he never gave up his residency and simply lived elsewhere temporarily. has more here.


Another challenger to Steele Emerges -
not a good sign for RNC chair Michael Steele. The latest to challenge him is Gentry Collins, the former political director of the Republican National Committee.

Steele won the chair position in the eleventh round of balloting several years ago. In spite of Republicans regaining a majority in the House and making significant gains in the Senate, Steele remains a popular target. has more here.


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