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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Daily Political Wire 11-11-2010

George Wenschhof

Deficit Commission Co-Chairs Release Draft Proposal -
realizing much of what they are putting forth will not reach approval of the 14 member Debt Commission. Co-Chairs Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson don't leave much out as they cover everything from the military to social security. They must be hoping to stimulate a national discussion on how best to reduce the trillion plus national budget.

The White House is withholding comment until the commission releases it's report due early next month. Union Leaders and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were quick to attack proposed changes in social security and medicare.

You can read the 50 page proposal here.

Speculation will certainly follow as to why former Clinton administration chief of staff Bowles and former Wyoming Republican Senator Simpson released this draft.

However, national discussion is important and serious discussion and consideration of budget reduction on all areas of the budget is needed.


Axelrod says Obama willing to extend all Bush Tax Cuts -
recognizing the votes are not there to only extend the tax cuts for those making under $250,000.

White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod was interviewed yesterday by the Huffington Post and you can read more here.


Democratic House Leadership Vote Scheduled for Wednesday -
to the surprise of many, Nancy Pelosi (Calf.) is running for the Minority Leadership position after losing her House Speaker position as a result of the huge Republican gains in the mid term elections.

Some Democrats in the House are now saying "hold on, this is moving too fast". Representative Mary Kaptur (Ohio) and Peter Defazio (Wash.) want the vote delayed until December. The NY Times The Caucus Blog has more here.

Pelosi's run for Minority Leader has also caused turmoil among House Democrats as Steny Hoyer (Md.) has now been pitted against popular James Clyburn (N.C.) for the Minority Whip position.


Will U.S./Russia START Treaty pass in Lame Duck Session? -
Senate Foreign Relations chair John Kerry (D-Mass.) is hopeful of passage. However, a two-thirds vote is needed to ratify a treaty and this may not be reached. If, the treaty, which further reduces nuclear weapons between the two counties, is not passed during the lame duck session, it is unlikely it will be passed when the new congress is sworn in next year. has more here.


Israel/Palestine Peace Talks in Jeopardy -
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expresses disappointment over the latest decision by Israel to approve 1000 building permits in East Jerusalem.

The talks broke down after just two meetings due to the refusal by Israel to extend a moratorium on building permits in disputed areas. has more here.


Deal reached in Iraq on leadership - eight months after their elections an agreement has been reached which will allow Nuri Kamal al-Maliki to continue as Prime Minister.

His rival, Ayad Allawi, was to become Speaker of the Parliament and also head of a newly formed national security committee. The NY Times has more here.


Mid Term Election Update -
voting continues in Alaska in the Senate race and 8 House seats remain undecided. You can read a full update here.


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