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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Strong Democratic Aldermen Candidates in City of Frederick, Md. Election

George Wenschhof

One Republican aldermen candidate who was previously a Democrat made my ballot in the 2005 City of Frederick, Maryland election. This was a rare occurrence for me as I have been a life long staunch Democratic supporter. No chance that will happen this year (sorry Alan) as the Democratic candidates for Aldermen have proved themselves to be an exceptionally talented group and made me proud to be a Democrat.

As I walked away from the candidate forum last night, I knew I could only vote for five of the nine Democrats on September 15, the day of the city primary. The forum co-sponsored by the League of Women Voters, Frederick Community College, The Frederick News Post and WFMD 930 Radio lasted about two hours and all the candidates did well.

Their performances last night coupled with my personal sit downs and live online interviews are what led me to pick the five I will be voting for on September 15.

Incumbent Donna Kuzemchak will receive my vote as she continues to be the straightforward "I am what I am" and "what you see is what you get" alderman. In three terms in office she has exhibited a voice for the working man and woman and has never been afraid to voice her concerns in regard to an issue.

First time candidate Carol Krimm impresses with her knowledge of government and the thoroughness of her approach during this campaign. Her experience in working with local, state, and federal government gained from working with state delegates Sue Hecht and Galen Clagett as their legislative aide will be an added benefit to the city.

Former police officer Kelly Russell has run a well organized and focused campaign, reaching out to all segments of the community. She understands the inner make up of city government and realizes it takes working with others to make things happen.

Michael O'Connor knows the issues facing the city and will be a strong voice for the residents while serving on the board of aldermen. He continuously exhibited his passion for the position and desire to work on behalf of the voters.

Josh Bokee will receive my vote as he has consistently come across in a professional manner and was always prepared. A young man with a family, it will be a plus to have his presence on the board of aldermen.

Donna Kuzemchak, Carol Krimm, Kelly Russell, Michael O'Connor and Josh Bokee will be the five I am voting for on September 15. This is a strong team capable of winning all five seats on the Board of Aldermen in the General Election on November 3. They will serve the city residents well.

Incumbent David "Kip" Koontz struggled with explaining his vote for the early retirement buy-out fiasco, waited until the last day to file and never showed the passion he exhibited when he ran for aldermen in 2005. However, he is a talented man who cares and he does have the valuable experience of serving one term in office.

John Daniels is a very impressive individual who has a strong passion for creating a sustainable City of Frederick. This is an area the city must move toward in the immediate future. He also showed me his professional side as he would go to the appropriate source to obtain information on a subject before he took a position on the issue.

Karen Young has an impressive professional background and would use this experience in a positive manner should she be elected to the Board of Aldermen. She has run a very strong and effective campaign, personally knocking on thousands of doors.

While Andrew Kotkin has mostly run a stealth campaign, when met in person he exhibits a warm and pleasant personality. In conversation, it is obvious he cares about the city and its future.

So, my choices for Aldermen have been made. I encourage the readers of my website to read the live online interviews I had with the candidates. Their links are in the right hand margin of my Home Page. I also encourage you to use the links provided in the right hand margin to visit the candidate campaign websites. Finally, go to the online Frederick News Post City of Frederick election section, read their information provided on the candidates and watch the candidate forums.

Then make sure you vote on September 15!


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Michael O'Connor said...

Thank you, George. I appreciate the support!

John said...

George, thanks for the kind words.

John Daniels