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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Daily Democratic Wire 9-6-2009

George Wenschhof

Obama trying to recapture the "Change" momentum - after winning a tough, hard fought primary and going on to win the Presidency, change was in the air. An economy that almost led to a severe depression and the subsequent actions taken to aid Wall Street and stimulate the economy combined with a combative Republican Party have led the president and his advisers to regroup. Much is riding on the strategy to be unveiled with the president' speech to Congress on Wednesday in regard to the approach taken on health care reform and future U.S. policy in Afghanistan. the Washington Post has more here.


Green Jobs Czar Resigns - a betting man would have had money on this announcement. Yesterday, news broke Republicans were on the attack, pointing out Van Jones alleged past ties with Communism, association with a 9/11 conspiracy group, and the worst was using derogatory statements toward Republicans. The NY Times has more here.


Republican bashing of Democrats is way over the top - Some Republican leaders and far right wing groups have become masters of spreading misinformation (lies), along with fomenting fear and hate dividing Americans, rather than uniting them. Is this behavior unpatriotic? Joan Walsh of has a must read here.


More evidence of voter fraud in Afghanistan election - certified results have yet to be released from the election that took place weeks ago. Now, additional evidence has been released showing voter fraud in Kandahar province where 9 polling sites show 100% of the vote went to incumbent President Hamid Karzai. In addition, 6 of the polling sites reported more than 100% voter turnout. If Karzai does not receive a majority of the vote, he will face a run-off with his closest challenger Abdullah Abdullah. has more here.


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