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Friday, September 4, 2009

Daily Democratic Wire 9-4-2009

George Wenschhof

The Obama administration announced they will be releasing visitors logs of guests to the White House - several lawsuits had been filed against the former Bush administration for failure to produce this information. The Obama administration had continued the same policy until now. has more here.

Barack Obama will be interviewed by ABC Robin Roberts next week - the interview will be aired on September 9 on "Good Morning America".


Democratic pollster sends memo to Democrats in Congress - Joel Benenson sent results showing 82% of Americans believe the health care system needs to be changed or rebuilt. However, only 31% understood the specifics of what was being proposed with the current health care reform proposals. This underscores the importance of President Obama's speech to Congress next week and the need to clarify the areas where reform will help Americans. has more here.


Unemployment hits 9.7% - some mixed data released from the Labor Department shows the pace of lost jobs at the lowest level in a year but the total unemployment figures at the highest level in 26 years. has more here. When the loss of seasonal jobs are figured in at the end of September, it would not be a surprise if unemployment tops 10%.


Senate Majority Leader to receive Republican challenge in bid for reelection - Harry Reid (D-Nev.) will most likely face Sue Lowden. Lowden stepped down from the chair of the Nevada Republican Party to explore a race against Reid. has more here.


U.S. Troop increase in Afghanistan weighs heavily on Obama - in addition to facing the need to reclaim momentum on health care reform, the president will now have to make a politically charged decision on the size of troops in Afghanistan. Increasing troop size could give the perception the U.S. has now become an occupier of the country, while not increasing troop level could hamper current efforts at stabilization. Sound like a familiar problem? It is, and the U.S. was faced with the same issue for years in Iraq. Stay tuned. The NY Times has more here.


Obama speech on Education planned for Monday riles conservative Republicans - the president's speech will be covered by C-SPAN at noon on Monday and Education Secretary Arne Duncan has sent letters to principals encouraging them to watch with students in school. You can read more here.

One line in particular, addressed to the students posted on the website, has caught the attention of those intent on bashing the president. It seems, the wording pertaining to letters the students would write to the president was to include "...what they can do to help the president.." and now has been changed to " they can achieve their short-term and long-term education goals.

President George H. W. Bush made a similar speech to students in 1991. Shows how far the partisan split has become. Remember the line President John F. Kennedy used which has been etched into the memories of many? "..ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country". Wonder how that line would be received today?


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