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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Daily Democratic Wire 8-27-2009

George Wenschhof

President Barack Obama will give eulogy at Saturday mass for Ted Kennedy - today, the body of the late Senator will be transported from Cape Cod to Boston where he will lie in repose for one day at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library. Funeral services will be Friday and Vice President Joe Biden will speak at the wake. The burial in Arlington will be on Saturday alongside his brothers John and Robert. has more details here. has very comprehensive coverage of the late Senator Ted Kennedy today - take time to go and read some or all of the many informative articles here.


Health care reform bill may be named after Kennedy - in death, the late Senator may serve to unify Democrats to move forward and pass meaningful health care reform. Ted Kennedy spent a lifetime pressing for health care for all. You can read more here.


Senator Chris Dodd may become chair of Senate Committee overseeing health care reform - Dodd, who was a very close friend of Senator Kennedy is the senior member of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee and in line to assume the vacant chair. However, Dodd is also the chair of the Senate Banking Committee and it is unlikely he would do both. Next year Dodd is also up for reelection. has more here.


Governor Bill Richardson (D-NM) cleared of wrongdoing - a year long federal investigation into pay-to-play allegations pertaining to one of Richardson's large political donors has been dropped with no charges. You may recall Richardson withdrew his name from nomination to Commerce Secretary due to the ongoing investigation which he felt would delay his confirmation. You can read more here.


Afghanistan vote tally delayed until mid September - not a good sign as the last reported figures showed with 17% of the vote counted President Hamid Karzai leading his main challenger Abdullah Abdullah 43-34%. Now, it is being reported the preliminary vote tally will be released on September 3 and the final vote tally two weeks later. If no candidate receives a simple majority of the vote a run off election will take place in October. has more here.


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