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Friday, August 21, 2009

Daily Democratic Wire 8-21-2009

George Wenschhof

Today, President Barack Obama will meet with Tom Daschle - the White house meeting with the former Senate Majority Leader will most likely center on health care reform. has more here. Daschle had been the choice of the President to be the HHS Secretary and to be the point person on the Hill for health care reform.

Later today, the President and his family will head to camp David for the weekend. On Sunday, they will be off to Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts for a week vacation. has more here. The President is also expected to visit ailing Senator Ted Kennedy during his vacation.


Afghanistan election results not expected until tomorrow - and this is the earliest the vote will have been tallied. At this point President Hamid Karzai and his main opponent in the election, Abdullah Abdullah are both claiming victory in the election which had dozens running for President. The winner must receive a majority of the vote or a run-off takes place. has more here.


Blackwater used by CIA to arm predator drones - the close ties between the CIA and Blackwater continue to be revealed. The New York Times is now reporting Blackwater now renamed Xe Services, is being used in secret bases in Pakistan and Afghanistan to arm the predator drones used to conduct missile strikes on suspected Al Qaeda leaders. They also provide security for the secret bases. The NYTimes has more here.


DNC out raises RNC by 3.3 million in July - seems the more outlandish myths on health care reform thrown out by the right wing Republicans increases Democratic donations. The Democratic National Committee reported 9.3 million and the republican National Committee reported 6 million. has more here.


Cash for Clunkers program to end next week - the popular program provided a 4500 rebate when you traded in an older care for a newer more gas efficient one. Congress just added another 2 Billion to the original 1 Billion funding level. To date,1.9 Billion has been submitted under the program. No additional funding is expected for the program. has more here.


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