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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Will Joe-mentum help McCain?

Politico reports Senator Joseph Lieberman (Ind-Conn.) will endorse Republican Senator John McCain (Ariz.) tomorrow in his campaign for President. Read the entire story here:

As many will recall, Lieberman was the Democratic Vice-President candidate in the 2000 election. When he ran for reelection to the Senate in 2006 he was defeated in the Democratic Primary as voters expressed thier dismay with his support of the U.S. war with Iraq. Lieberman then ran as an Independent and was elected to another term in the General Election.

It is doubtful Senator Lieberman or the Des Moines Register's endorsement will help McCain. His campaign has been in trouble almost from the start as he has been unable to duplicate the success he enjoyed with his "straight talk express" campaign for President in 2004. He has no money or campaign staff to speak of, so it is doubtful Joe-mentum will be of any help to his campaign effort this time around.

It is more likely to give the Democratic Presidential candidates a break from the Press as the Press will feed on this story for a day.


Anonymous said...

Short answer -- no.

Joe Lieberman is a joke. This "endorsement" is nothing more than an attempt to get his name out there and serve the only constituency that takes him seriously -- the beltway media. McCain is another beltway darling, so expect the media to have a two-day drug trip over this thing, but it's ultimately meaningless.

CenterRight said...

It is great to see a politician putting his country before party. McCain is our best hope for president.