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Thursday, December 6, 2007

10 Commandments of a Liberal

Steve and Vanessa Lopez

Since when did liberal become a bad word in the United States? Aren't things such as tolerance, progress, open-mindedness, freedom, and generosity positive things? We think so and we are proud to be liberals. As world citizens,we are empowered from birth with inalienable rights. When these rights are in danger of being taken away, we need, as individuals and as a people, to stand up and not be afraid to assert ourselves. Below is what we refer to as our 10 Commandments of a Liberal.

1. Question authority and speak up!

2. Respect the Earth and its residents that share the planet with you. Recognize that you and all human beings are part of the earth and the world community. No individual, government, or corporation owns the world.

3. Help make the world a better place. Contribute to your community and society. If someone needs help, don't judge them - lend a helping hand.

4. Act to ensure all Governments and corporations respect human and civil rights.

5. Embrace diversity and respect differences.

6. Empower yourself through education.

7. Hold Government accountable for developing public policies that are based on facts and benefit the public's interest.

8. Read and listen to non-corporate news media such as Mother Jones, Air America, and Bill Moyer's Journal.

9. Champion democracy and fight hypocrisy.

10. Take the Power back!

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