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Monday, December 24, 2007

A Call to Action in the New Year

Guy Djoken

During the last few weeks, Mr. Samuel Bennett, Chair of the Frederick County Human Relations brought to our attention two interesting articles clearly depicting the current state of Blacks in America.

In the first article titled "The KKK Disbands: Leaves Their Job To Black Folks", in a cynical but coherent way, the author writes the following: "The KKK leader stepped to the podium, his hood lowered around his shoulders and a look of disgust on his face. He said, "Sorry guys but this will be our last meeting; we're going out of business." A member stood up in back. "But why sir?" The leader sighed, "Well, reverend, the Blacks are doing a better job getting rid of themselves than we ever did, so we are no longer needed."

This sad reality vividly translates the urge to action initiated by the drum-beats from Phillip Jackson whose essay published last March under the title "America Has Lost a Generation of Black Boys" made the wise recommendation to the readers "that as you read it ... ask yourself what you can do in your space ... in your home ... in your neighborhood ... to ensure that we turn this situation around in 2008."

I see no other urgency facing those who care about social justice to read the full essay at and join forces with all stake holders to adequately address the situation in 2008. The NAACP is ready and willing to lead in the reversal of that situation. Lending your voice to cause can only improve our chances of success.

I wish you all a Happy Holiday season as I look forward to addressing this pressing issue with you in 2008.

Guy Djoken is President of the NAACP, Frederick County Maryland Chapter.

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