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Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Hillary Cackle

Today's Democratic Presidential Debate was most memorable for the nervous cackle exhibited by Senator Hillary Clinton to a question asked to Senator Barack Obama and the quick well-received response Obama gave to the question.

Moderator Carolyn Washburn asked Obama to explain his theme of there is a need for a change while he is relying on foreign policy advise from several advisers to former President Bill Clinton. Hillary Clinton grabbed her mike and started cackling about how she wanted to hear the answer to that question.

Senator Obama stayed poised and while answering the question with discussing utilizing talent, looked over to Clinton and offered that he would be looking forward to asking her for advise when he was President.

As the self-destruction continues for the Clinton campaign many were looking to see how she would perform in this last debate before the Iowa caucuses to be held three weeks from today.

The Debate coming the same day her campaign manager in New Hampshire resigned after talking to the Press about how Republicans would attack Obama's admitted drug use and how this would make him a weaker candidate should he receive the Democratic Party nomination.

In fact political pundits are already saying that Clinton because of her obsessive hands-on approach had to know her New Hampshire campaign manger was going to say what he said and after it was already out there for the press to feed on, he would offer up his resignation. Speculation is she will even offer him another job in the campaign later on should she go on to receive the nomination.

Obama looked the most Presidential even coming to the defense of Senator Biden when he was asked a question pertaining to his position on race related issues.

While Senator Biden along with former Senator Edwards, Governor Richardson and Senator Dodd all did well with questions concerning energy, education, farm subsidies and NAFTA, the attention is clearly on Senators Obama and Clinton.

With no more Debates prior to the Iowa caucuses and the Holidays approaching, the efforts by the candidates will now be focused on the ground and finalizing their marketing efforts over the last three weeks. Besides mobilizing their volunteers to work the precincts and get their supporters to the caucuses they will be making final decisions on ads to use in the media markets such as direct mail, TV, and radio; all of which they have already purchased.

The caucus system in Iowa is unique so don't give a lot of credence to the Polls. Now it is up to the candidates and their organizations. Stayed tuned for the nomination process will speed up with New Hampshire and South Carolina following Iowa. Then Super Tuesday on February 5, 2008 when close to half of the states will hold primaries.


Anonymous said...

Hillary's outburst/cackle was a watershed moment in the debate. Her handlers must have screamed “Noooo!” at their monitors when she started laughing and interrupted Obama’s response. It probably cost her 5 points in the polls and maybe the nomination.

Karma finally got her.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The debate is worth far more than the DMR endorsement (newspaper endorsements don't matter anyway, when is the last time you saw a voter walk into a polls with a clipped editorial; a union slate card, maybe. I've never seen a clipped editorial, or heard somebody say, "I'm voting for X because the paper endorsed them.")

Hillary's campaign has imploded. Should she win the nomination, she has a very fractured party, with a base that is very suspicious of her. There's no way she gets to the White House now. I think Obama's going to get the nomination.