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Monday, November 8, 2010

Daily Political Wire 11-8-2010

George Wenschhof

President Obama backs India for seat on U.N. Security Council -
a move that will be mostly symbolic as the permanent members of the Security Council are able to veto any new membership. India is not expected to win approval. However, India has long sought to be included and the support of the U.S. will go far in future U.S./India relations. You can read more here.


Mid Term Election Update -
Senate: Democrats - 53, Republicans - 47, House: Democrats - 187, Republicans - 240, 8-Undecided, Governors: Democrats - 19, Republicans - 29.

Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post "The Fix" has a good update here.


Before you start thinking the Tea Party won big influence in Congress -
take note that 54 of the 89 tea party backed candidates lost. Their weakness was especially highlighted in Senate races Republicans needed to win to gain a majority. Where, tea party backed candidates Linda McMahon, Sharron Angle and Christine "I am not a Witch" O'Donnell lost against very vulnerable Democrats; Richard Blumenthal, Harry Reid and Christopher Coons.

Joan Walsh of has a good read here.


Changes in U.S. Military Leadership on Tap -
this year, President Obama will have the opportunity to reshape military leadership as Defense Secretary Robert Gates will be retiring as will four members of the Joint Chief of Staff. The NY Times has a good read here.


Below, are some of the highlights from the Sunday "Talking Heads"


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