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Monday, April 30, 2012

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

New Video Released to Kick-off Obama Reelection Campaign - highlights challenges President Obama encountered when he took office and the accomplishments he has had over the last 31/2 years.


Clinton Helps Obama Raise $2 Million Sunday - former President Bill Clinton addressed over 500 Obama supporters at the Virginia home of Terry McAuliffe.  He addressed the economy and stressed Obama was leading the country in the right direction. has more here.


Walker Recall a Test for Democrats - Democrats were united in forcing a recall election against union busting Republican Governor Scott Walker, but are stumbling in uniting behind a candidate. The Washington Post has more here.


More Talk for Condoleeza Rice For Romney VP - the talk continues to increase surrounding the former Secretary of State. has more here.


Will New State Voter ID laws Impact Election? - many of the laws are facing legal challenges.  But, the Obama campaign is preparing voters for the worse.  The NY Times has more here.


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