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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Fox News Poll Shows Obama-Romney Tied - at 46% each. The poll also shows Mitt Romney leading President Obama by 13 among Independents.  Fox News has more here.


Obama To Officially Launch Reelection Campaign May 5 - with campaign rallies at colleges in Virginia and Ohio, two battleground states.  The Washington Post has more here.


Secret Service Prostitution Scandal Widens - reports are surfacing members of the secret service cavorted with prostitues prior to President Obama's trip to San Salvador in March 2011. has more here. 


Edwards Trial Continues - the defense for John Edwards continues to question former aide Andrew Young as they try to discredit his testimony. has an update here.


Pakistan Prime Minister Guilty of Contempt - Yosaf Raza Gilani was found guilty, but given no jail time.  Speculation is he may still need to step down.  The NY Times has more here.


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