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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Romney Wins Michigan and Arizona -
the serious challenge in Michigan by Rick Santorum fell short. The 3 point win by Mitt Romney in Michigan coupled with a convincing win in Arizona, put a stop to the recent surge by the Santorum campaign.

After Tuesday's primaries, with 8 Michigan delegates still to be awarded, the delegate count is Romney-163, Santorum-83, Gingrich-32 and Paul-19.

Up next is a not so Super Tuesday, where 11 states with a total of 419 delegates will hold primaries. has more here.


Oympia Snowe Retirement - A Pick Up For Democrats? -
The moderate Republican Senator, citing the partisan gridlock, said she will not run for a fourth term. She is the only woman to have served in both Houses of the state legislature as well as Congress. The Washington Post has more here.


Will Kerrey Run in Nebraska? -
the retirement of Senator Ben Nelson (D) had many believing this seat was now a sure pick up for Republicans. Spoiling that view would be the entry into the race by former Democratic Senator Bob Kerrey. has more here.


Obama Hosts Lunch with Congressional Leaders Today -
hopeful, a luncheon at the White House will result in consensus on legislative priorities to help in job creation, especially in the area of small business. has more here.


U.N. Renews Effort for Syrian Resolution as Violence Continues -
government troops began a ground assault on the city of Homs after nearly a month long siege and bombardment. The U.N. is continuing to efforts to pass a resolution calling for a transition from the Assad governement. has more here.


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