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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

DCCC Raises 6 Million in January -
the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee reported it was the highest amount ever raised in the month of January. They also reported 13.1 million cash on hand and no debt. Democrats need to capture a plus 25 seats in the house to gain a majority. You can read more here.

The National Republican Congressional Committee reported 4.8 million in January with 17.6 million cash on hand.


Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Receives Democratic Party Support -
the incumbent who is receiving a challenge in the Democratic primary next month in Illinois remains under a ethics investigation surrounding whether Jackson used public funds to promote his appointment to the vacant Obama senate seat. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calf.) and the DCCC have endorsed Jackson. has more here.


Arizona Sheriff Resigns As Romney Co-Chair Amid Allegations -
not the news Mitt Romney wants as he faces a surging Rick Santorum in his battles for the Republican Party nomination. Sheriff Paul Babeu, who is gay, denies he threatened a former gay lover with deportation if he talked about their relationship. has more here.


Conservatives Focus on Voting Rights Act -
a landmark piece of legislation designed to protect minorities. has a good read here on efforts underway to overturn or diminish the 1965 law.


Santorum Raises Issue of Faith -
during a campaign speech yesterday, Rick Santorum suggested President Obama leads based on a theology different than the Bible. The statement left people wondering if he was suggesting the president was not a Christian. has more here.


Iran Halts Oil Sales To U.K. -
as tensions persist amid the further development of nuclear weapons by Iran. Iran announced they would end sales of crude oil to French and British companies ahead of what was expected to be a ban from the European union on purchasing oil from Iran. has more here.


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