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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Michigan and Arizona vote Today -
Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are locked in a close struggled to win Michigan and Romney is expected to win Arizona. Most polls in Michigan close at 8:00 PM ET and in Arizona at 9:00 PM ET. You can get live results tonight from here.


Romney Blasts Santorum Over Robo Calls to Democrats -
Rick Santorum, doing whatever it takes to win the open primary in Michigan, is calling Democrats, asking for their vote. Romney called the recorded message "outrageous and disgusting." has more here.


Romney Favorability Drops Among Conservatives -
a new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows only 38% of those who consider themselves very conservative support Mitt Romney. Rick Santorum receives 60% from the same group.

Overall, among conservatives, Romney receives a 40% favorability rating. has more here.

Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm has a good read in today on how the Republican move to the far right is helping Democrats. You can read it here.


New York Cities Borrowing from Pension Funds To Pay For It -
a NY Times report shows how many cities in New York are borrowing from the Pension Funds to pay for the escalating costs of the Pensions. Across the state over 750 million was borrowed and 1 billion more is expected next year. You can read more here.


More Atrocities Discovered in Syria -
just outside the city of Homs, under bombardment by President Assad forces, 64 bodies of men were found dumped. Apparently, they were gunned down by government forces as they attempted to leave the city. The Washington Post has more here.


U.S. - Egypt Struggle to Find Solution To Americans on Trial -
the presence of non governmental agencies (NGOs) in Egypt and their pro democracy effort has resulted in Americans being put on trial. Under intense pressure by the U.S., including the threat of losing the annual 1.3 billion in military aid, the trial has been suspended until April. has more here.


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