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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Obama To Tour Joplin, Missouri Today -
back from a six day European visit, the president will tour the area devastated by the tornado. The Washington Post has more here.


Dempsey to Be named New Chair of Joint Chief of Staffs Tomorrow
- widely reported last week, the president will make it official tomorrow at 10;00 AM at a White House announcement. Army general Martin Dempsey will replace Admiral Mike Mullen who is retiring the end of September. has more here.


Lockheed Martin Corp. Suffers Cyber Attack -
it happens to be the largest defense contractor in the United States. The State Department is saying the impact was minimal and is not commenting further. has more here.

This shows how vulnerable technology can be in today's business.


Voting Rights Under Fire By Republican Controlled State Legislatures -
once again, Republicans are saying the need exists to weed out fraudulent votes and in thirteen states have passed laws requiring voter identification, including a valid photo. Democrats say, it is just a new version of the "poll tax", or ways to restrict voting by minorities and young people.

The NY Times has a good read here.


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