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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Obama Says No To Photos of Bin Laden -
in what will be debated for years, the president decided against releasing the gruesome photos of Osama Bin Laden taken after he had been killed by Navy Seals. The obvious fear being the photos would serve to incite further violence. President Obama disclosed his decision during an interview to be aired on CBS "Sixty Minutes" on Sunday. You can watch an excerpt below.


No Resistance By Bin Laden -
reports from Reuters are indicating that Pakistani officials are saying there was no resistance from the individuals within the compound when they came under attack by the u.S. commandos. has more here.

Initials reports from U.S. have also changed from the first reports of a woman being used as a human shield and Bin Laden being armed.


Obama To visit Ground Zero Today -
he will lay a wreath at the memorial site, but will not make any public statement. Afterward, he will meet with families who lost loved ones on 9/11. Former President George W. Bush had been invited, but was unable to attend. The Washington Post has more here.


Talks on Raising 14.3 Trillion Debt Ceiling Get Serious -
Vice President Joe Biden has joined the discussion with members of Congress. Talks will take place today at Blair House and it appears agreement on developing a "trigger" which will result in less spending or tax cuts is near in addition to agreement to reduce the national debt by 4 Trillion over the next decade. has more here.


Debbie Wasserman Schultz New DNC Chair -
the move became official yesterday as members of the Democratic National Committee voted her in. She was unopposed after being nominated by President Obama for the post vacated by Tim Kaine who is running for U.S. senate in Virginia. has more here.

The question will be how much time Wasserman Schultz has to devote to the position as she is a full time Representative from Florida. I would have preferred Donna Brazile who was serving as interim chair until yesterdays vote.


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