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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Who is the GOP 2012 Presidential Front Runner? -
a good question and one that is difficult to answer at this point. Donal Trump is the latest to garner attention with his fact less "birther" claims directed toward President Obama. Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann has worked hard to capture support of "tea party" fanatics and it becoming more apparent Sarah Palin's intent is to continue making money on the talk show circuit after realizing her knowledge of domestic and international politics is limited.

The Washington Post has a good read here on the former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney. One thing is certain about Romney and that is the hard to describe "it", he does not have for a serious presidential candidate.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee did well in his run in the 2008 Republican primary and has much more personality than Romney. However, like Palin, he is making more money than at any other point in his life as a commentator on Fox News and on the talk circuit. has more on him here.

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels remains undecided as some Republicans hope for a moderate to emerge as a serious candidate. has more here.

In New Hampshire yesterday, at a First in the Nation Freedom Forum, Republican wannabees former senator Rick Santorum (Pa.) and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty tried to catch a spark with the same tired and old "time for big government to end" refrain. The has more here.

While polling shows President Obama is vulnerable, no Republican candidate is emerging as of this point who is showing they have the ability to garner the votes to win.

Perhaps, former U.S. ambassador to China; Jon Huntsman will be the one to catch that "lightening in a bottle". The NY Times has a good read here.

Stay tuned...


White House Correspondence Dinner Draws Laughs -
last night, the president joined in on the laughs. Donald Trump was the beneficiary of some of the one liners delivered by Obama and Saturday Night Live comedian Seth Meyers. has more here.


Palestinian Unity Goes Mostly Unnoticed -
barely reported in the media or publicly recognized by the United States, factions in Palestine reached a unity agreement. James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute has a column here which appeared in the Huffington Post yesterday.

Instead of realizing the positive of this action in Palestine and moving to finalize a lasting peace agreement, Israel has suspended tax transfers to Palestine. has more here.


Gadaffi's Youngest Son Killed in NATO Air Strike -
on family compound in Tripoli, Libya. Meanwhile, government forces continue to shell rebel outposts through the country. AP has more here.


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