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Monday, April 4, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Obama Reelection Campaign Files Paperwork -
today, in a not so secret email to supporters, President Obama announced the beginning of his reelection effort in a You Tube video.


GOP To Propose FY-2012 Budget Tomorrow -
in a week that will be consumed with budget madness of the Hill. The continuing resolution for FY'2011 expires Friday and the two sides remain apart in the size of budget for the remainder of the year.

Tomorrow, Representative Dan Ryan (R-Wisc.) will present a budget for 2012 that includes 4 Trillion in cuts over the next ten years. The NY Times has more here.


Gaddafi Looking For Solution? -
reports indicate he is seeking a way out of the mess in Libya. The Washington Post reports a senior Libyan official has met with officials in Greece and will be traveling to turkey looking for a solution to the civil war in Libya. You can read more here.

Meanwhile, a poll conducted by The Hill shows only 25% of Americans support the estimated cost of 550 million for the first several days of U.S. aerial bombardment. You can read more here.


Radioactive Water Continues to Pour Into Pacific Ocean -
the damaged reactors at the Fukushima plant in Japan are leaking 7 tons of radioactive water per hour. The Huffington Post has more here.


Sunday Morning "Talking Heads" Highlights -
in case you missed them, Candy Cowley has a quick rundown below.


Who Will replace Kaine as DNC Chair? -
is the big question circulating around politicos. DNC chair Tim Kaine is expected to announce soon his intention to run for Virginia U.S. Senate against Republican George Allen.

Former Ohio Governor Tim Strickland is among the front runners for the DNC job, but look to see a woman named. Donna Brazile, former campaign chair for the Al Gore campaign for president comes to mind. She is a frequent political analyst on the T.V. circuit and has been an officer in the DNC for years.


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