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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

The First Billion Dollar President? -
the Obama campaign is expected to announce the reelection effort tomorrow in an email to supporters. The Obama For America campaign, with the central office once again located in Chicago, is expected to file the necessary paperwork tomorrow. The Washington Post has more here.

Fund raising for the 2012 campaign is expected to hit a all time record of one billion. In addition to utilizing large donor bundlers who are expected to raise $350,000 each, the campaign also is successful raising large sums by receiving reqested donations of as little as ten dollars from millions of supporters online.

Campaign finance reform - anyone?


The Muddled Mess in Libya Continues -
the non-war military conflict continues with no more clear objectives than existed prior to when the U.S. special forces intervened in Libya and U.S. led air strikes began.

Who are the rebels and what type of government might emerge upon the removal of Ghadaffi is still an unknown. The Huffington Post has a good read here which discusses the failures of the Obama administration in foreign policy.


Battle To Stop Radiation Leaks Continues in Japan -
concrete has been used to stop the leakage of radioactive water from a reactor at the Fukushima nuclear plant. Initial reading indicate the concrete has had little effect, with a strong possibility that multiple breeches exist.

The Japanese government has issued a statement it could take months to fully control the damaged reactors at the plant. has more here.


United Nations Moves Closer to Recognition of Palestinian State -
the vote could come as early as September. The vote would recognize the Palestinian state which would include all of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem.

Israel has been unable to reach agreement with the Palestinian Authority, despite long time efforts by the United States. Israel President Shimon Peres will meet with President Obama on Tuesday at the White House. The NY Times has more here.


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