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Friday, April 1, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

U.S. Economy Improving? -
unemployment dropped to 8.8%, the lowest in two years. has more here.

Plus Dow Jones gains 6.4% and has best first quarter in twelve years. The Wall Street Journal has more here.


Confusion Reigns in Libya -
the rush to bomb Libya with a U.S. led coalition has led to more questions than answers. Rebels are now fleeing attacks from forces loyal to Gaddafi, U.S. advisers are on the ground trying to assess who is who among the rebels, and talk is surfacing to send boots on the ground. Another cluster ....

The Washington post has more on the chaos in Libya here.


Spread of Radiation from Japan Still Unknown -
the efforts continue to contain the leak of radioactive material from the Fukushima Nuclear Plant. High levels of cesium 137 have been detected in soil samples outside the 20 mile evacuation zone, leading some to call for the evacuation zone to be extended. Radiation levels have been detected in milk, tap water and sea water. The NY Times has more here.


Democrats to File First GOP Recall Today in Wisconsin -
state senator Dan Kapanke is the first of eight Republicans facing a recall as a result of their vote to end collective bargaining for public service employees. has more here.


One Week left for Budget Agreement -
while the level of 33 billion of cuts has been tentatively agreed to by Congressional leaders, agreement on the details remain elusive. has more


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