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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

First Steps Taken Toward Reform in Egypt -
military rulers, now in charge, announced they had dissolved the parliament and suspended the constitution. Over the next six months, a committee will amend the constitution and provide the steps leading to an election in six months. AP has more here.


U.S. Relations with Pakistan Strained -
Pakistan, already suffering from high unemployment and huge economic disparity, now have an American diplomat in jail facing charges of murder. Anti-American sentiment, already high due to high number of unmanned drone strikes within the country which have killed citizens as well as militants, is now even higher as the U.S. is saying the diplomat has immunity. Tri-level talks between Afghanistan, Pakistan and the U.S. scheduled for next month have been postponed. Stay Tuned... has more here.


Obama Budget Includes 1.1 Trillion in Cuts -
over the next decade. Early details are coming out on the budget to be released by the president this week. Cuts are proposed for many domestic programs including heating assistance for the poor and community development block grants. Also included are an increase in taxes, a proposal sure to catch Republican attention. The Washington Post has an early peek here.


Ron Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll -
for the second year in a row, the Republican representative from Texas won the straw poll, this time, receiving 30% of the votes cast. Mitt Romney was second with 23% of the vote. has more here.


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