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Monday, January 10, 2011

Daily Political Wire 1-10-2011

George Wenschhof

President Obama Calls for a moment of Silence -
Today, at 11:00 AM ET, President Obama asks Americans to honor the shooting victims in Tucson, Arizona. Flags will also be flown at half-staff. The President and White House staff will observe the moment from the White House lawn.


Joint Conference to Meet Wednesday to Discuss Security Concerns -
the Democratic and Republican caucus will meet to discuss security in the aftermath of the shooting of Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D- Ariz.). has more here.

Representative Richard Brady (D-Pa.) plans to introduce legislation making it illegal to use language or symbols which could be perceived as threatening or inciting violence against a federal official or member of Congress.

Liberals have been critical of a Sarah Palin website which depicted 20 targeted Democratic districts, including Gabrielle Giffords in the cross-hairs of a gun. The entry has been removed from the website after the shootings in Tucson, Arizona.


Tax Overhaul Discussions begin Friday -
15 executives from businesses will meet with Treasury officials to begin discussing how to reform the current corporate tax structure. Reforming the entire tax structure is likely to be a focus of the Obama administration over the next two years. The NY Times Caucus Blog has more here.


Punishment Phase for Delay Begins This Week -
the former Republican House majority Leader was convicted of money laundering and conspiracy after a six year trial. A Texas Judge will hear testimony before imposing sentencing. The Washington Post has more here.


Huckabee leads Republican Presidential Hopefuls in latest Gallup Poll -
Mike Huckabee received the highest favorable rating and Sarah Palin received the the highest net negative rating. Palin was also the most recognized Republican candidate. has more here.


Blue Dog Democrats Still Unhappy with Pelosi -
angered by the decision of Nancy Pelosi to remain as Minority Leader, moderate Democrats are signaling they are willing to work with Republican leadership in the 112th Congress. Roll Call has more here.


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