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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Daily Political Wire 12-22-2010

George Wenschhof

START Ratification Expected Today -
after several days of intense lobbying by the Obama administration, the debate in the senate on the START treaty came to a close yesterday by a vote of 67-28. Eleven Republicans broke with their leadership and voted for the treaty to proceed to a final vote. Unless, those Republicans who voted to end discussion have second thoughts, the treaty will be ratified today. The Washington Post has more here.


House and Senate Pass Continuing Resolution -
to fund government until March 4. This sets up the incoming congress with having to deal with funding for the remainder of the fiscal year which ends on September 30. has more here.


Obama Signs Repeal of D.A.D.T. -
this morning, at a signing ceremony which included many who had fought hard for the repeal. A 60 day period must expire before the repeal goes into effect and then the military will have time to implement so changes will not necessarily be felt in the immediate future. has more here.


White House Prepares Executive Order for Guantanamo Bay Prisoners -
174 prisoners remain and 48 of these the administration has determined to continue holding indefinitely. The executive order would provide for a systematic review of the prisoners being held and determination as to whether they continue to pose a threat - a type of parole board. The NY Times has more here.


Halliburton Settles Charges Against Cheney for 35 Million -
charges had been filed by the Nigerian government against the former Vice President and others for bribery over a ten year period. The bribes were allegedly used to secure construction of a natural gas plant. has more


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