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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Apportionment Released By Census Bureau

George Wenschhof

The population in the U.S. grew 9.7% since 2000 and now stands just under 309 million. For those who want to know how this impacts the numbers of House seats per state, a total of 18 states will experience a change by the 2012 election. The Census Bureau has more here.

Most of these states either lost or gained one representative in Congress. At first blush, it appears Republicans will gain as Texas gained 4 seats and Florida gained 2. While New York and Ohio lost 2 seats.

The other states to gain one seat are Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Georgia, S. Carolina and Washington.

The states who lost one seat are Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Michigan, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Governors and state legislatures will now go about redistricting their states, a process that takes place every ten years. The Census Bureau also has a interactive map so you can see the change in your state. You can see it here.

Maryland did not have a change and will continue to have 8 Representatives, six of which are Democrats. In Maryland an effort is anticipated by Democratic Governor Martin O'Malley and a dominated Democratic General Assembly to provide additional Democratic voters to district 1. Democrats were able to win this seat in 2008 with Frank Kratovil, only to have it be taken back by Republican Andy Harris in the recent mid term elections.

Additional tweaking of state districts by Maryland is expected, but it remains doubtful heavily Republican oriented district 6 will be able to expect the benefit of additional Democratic voters. Look to see former Maryland Secretary of State John Willis to be involved in the process as he chaired the last effort in this regard and is extremely knowledgeable of the process.

Republicans, after the mid terms have 29 Governors and Democrats 20. There is also I Independent.

O'Malley was also recently appointed chair of the Democratic Governors Association and redistricting will be a major focus for him over the next two years.

For political wonks, the next two years of maneuvering by state governors and their legislatures, is a must follow, as it will directly impact the 2012 elections.


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