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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Daily Political Wire 12-15-2010

George Wenschhof

President Obama Meets with Business Leaders Today -
in a meeting at the Blair House. Prior to the meeting, he addressed reporters stating he was pleased the senate was poised to pass the tax cut extension bill today and was hopeful the House would follow so he could then sign the bill into law.

Tomorrow, the president is expected to give an update on the conflict in Afghanistan. The NY Times is reporting recent intelligence reports show the U.S. has little chance of winning unless Pakistan cooperates in the war. Interestingly, it was widely reported, among the last words spoken by the late Ambassador Richard Holbrooke to his family was "we have to end the war in Afghanistan".


Senate 1.1 Trillion Budget bill to be voted on -
the House has already passed their version of a omnibus spending bill to keep government running through the fiscal year which ends September 30, 2011. The National Journal has more here.


GOP Leaders Suddenly Sobbing -
the incoming "Weeper of the House" John Boehner,(R-Ohio) also known as the "Tan Man" now has company as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) breaks down on the floor saying good-bye to outgoing Senator Judd Gregg (R-N.H.). The Caucus Blog has more here.


Congress will stay in session next week - no early break for the Holidays as planned. much remains to be decided prior to when the lame duck congress come to a close. The ratification of the START Treaty, the DREAM Act, the Omnibus Spending bill, and the repeal of D.A.D.T. are among the major bills to be voted on in addition to the extension of the tax cuts. has more here.

President Obama has delayed his annual trip to Hawaii until after the tax cut extension bill has been signed into law.


Congressional Approval Hits All time Low at 13% -
per a new Gallup poll released today. Interestingly, Americans favor the compromise tax cut extension bill. Perhaps, an indication voters are tired of the partisan bickering. has more here.


Rahm Emanuel Faces Residency Hearing -
yesterday, Emanuel gave his response to his residency. He has announced his run for Mayor of Chicago which has a one year residency requirement.

The hearing may last for a few more days before a ruling is issued. You can read more here.


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