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Friday, April 22, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Obama Creates Team To investigate Gas Pricing -
as gasoline prices continue to rise in the United States, the president has instructed the Department of Justice to see if any fraud and manipulation is involved in the recent upward swing in pricing. has more here.


Bye Bye Ensign -
the latest casualty among politicians who have had their dalliances publicized. The Republican Senator from Nevada has avoided prosecution to date surrounding the payment of money from his parents to the family of the mistress with whom he had an affair. Ensign is now under a Senate ethics probe. His resignation will be effective May 3. You can read more here.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval (R) will appoint the replacement for Ensign. Republican Representative Dean Heller, who has already announced he was running for the seat, is the early front runner to receive the appointment.


Budget Reduction Plans Still Add 5-7 Trillion To Debt Over Next Decade -
the bipartisan Committee for a responsible federal Budget has reviewed the budgets presented by President Obama, Representative Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) and the White House deficit commission and all added at least 5 trillion to the nation's debt. The Washington Post has more here.


Senator McCain in Libya -
one of the bigger hawks in the Senate, he arrived in Benghazi, current home of the opposition forces. McCain continued to call for the ouster of Gadaffi and the use of more air strikes. You can read more here.

The AP is reporting President Obama has given his approval to the use of U.S. Drones in Libya. You can read more here.


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