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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Online Poll on Downtown Hotel/Conference Center

George Wenschhof

Republican mayor Randy McClement has long promoted the construction of a downtown hotel/conference center.

Maryland state delegate Galen Clagett (D), who is also a candidate for mayor, has also supported building the hotel/conference center.

A recent report by the consultant hired by The City of Frederick showed a funding shortfall of $10-12 million.  I wrote about this here.

The poll gives you four options; you can say "Yes", "No", You support the city "building a parking deck" or the city should provide "waivers on taxes, permit fees".

This issue will become a focus of the city election.

Weigh in on how you feel on this issue - the poll will run a couple of days and is located in the right hand margin of the home page.


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