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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Daily Political Wire 6-27-2010

George Wenschhof

Yesterday, after the G-20 meetings, President Obama met with leaders of China, South Korea, and Britain -
Afghanistan was discussed with Britain and trade was discussed with s. Korea. Chinese President Hu Jintao has accepted a state visit to the U.S. on a date to be determined. has more details here.


Israel U.S. Ambassador Michael Oren talks about how countries are drifting apart - is reporting, he briefed senior Israel diplomats recently to inform them of changes in relationship. He also said that while access to the White House was good, President Obama had a tight rein on his immediate advisers and referred to him as a one-man show.

This will certainly receive more press as President Obama's decision making process is under scrutiny with the Gulf coast BP oil tragedy and the firing of General McChrystal.


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