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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Daily Democratic Wire 2-28-2010

George Wenschhof

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calf.) feels confident she has the votes to pass health care reform -
appearing on CNN "State of The Union" this morning, Pelosi said that even though Republicans are unlikely to vote in support, the bill will have bipartisan language and will be absent of the "public option" desired by many liberal Democrats.


Republicans oppose Financial Regulatory Reform -
once again, Republicans in the senate are blocking legislation aimed at needed financial regulatory reform and the creation of a public consumer financial protection agency. has more here.

Senator Chris Dodd the chair of the senate banking committee offered a compromise which would have created a consumer bureau within the Treasury Department and Republicans said "no" - sound familiar?

It is a travesty that after the Republican laizze faire approach to the U.S. financial system resulted in a near catastrophic meltdown, Republicans oppose reform and the creation of agencies aimed at protecting the average American.

Continuing an obstructionist approach in Congress will put a dent in the mid term gains in Congress Republicans are expected to achieve. The average gain of 28 House seats the political party not in the White House wins in mid term elections may not be reached this fall by the Republican Party.


Al Gore talks about the need to create energy related Jobs -
in an op-ed in the NY Times today, the former Vice President talks about how global warming can not be ignored. He also dismisses the silliness of some in the Republican Party who point to the recent record snow storms to hit the east coast as reasons to not believe in global warming. You can read his op-ed here.


A Kennedy back in the running for a political seat? -
seems Joe Kennedy's II son Joe Kennedy III may run for the U.S. House seat in Massachusetts if William Delahut (D-Ma.) decides not to run for reelection. He is the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy and, if elected, would continue the Kennedy family representation in American politics for over 50 years. has more here.


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