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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Democratic Chatter 3-8-2009

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Did you remember to "Spring Forward"? Time to set your clocks around one hour!


President Barack Obama considers reaching out to moderate Taliban - to aid in the stabilization of Afghanistan. A similar strategy was used in Iraq with segments of the Sunni community. Afghanistan President Karzai welcomed the news. The NY Times has more here.

The President is also planning a trip to Turkey - a large Muslim nation, this would fulfill Obama's promise to visit and reach out to the Muslim world. The Chicago Tribune has more here.


Help on the way for Treasury Secretary Geithner - the White House announced yesterday three senior appointments to the Treasury. They are David Cohen for terrorist financing, Alan Kreger for economic policy and Kim Wallace for legislative affairs. Early speculation is Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will be among the first casualties of the Obama administration. So far, he has failed to instill confidence in investors or the American voter. has more here.


Remember the Minnesota Senate race? - well, it is still not over. Democrat Al Franken just lost a state supreme court decision on his request to have the state recount be certified and for him to be seated as Senator. The Democrats could sure use this seat in the Senate so it is not a surprise that Republican Norm Coleman is battling so hard to retain his seat. has more here.


A tribute will be held for Senator Ted Kennedy tonight - in celebration of his 77th birthday and a lifetime in politics. Vice President Joe Biden and his wife plan to attend. has more here.


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