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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Democratic Chatter 3-15-2009

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Tomorrow, President Barack Obama will announce steps being taken to help small business - He will discuss measures being taken to provide billions in lending aid to small business owners. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner back from a meeting with the G-20 nations will also be present. Small business has long been recognized as generating employment opportunities across the country. You can read more here.


Yesterday, President Obama tells China and other countries that investments in U.S. debt are sound - this came during a press conference following a meeting with the President of Brazil, Ignacio Lula da Silva. The Chinese have 1 trillion invested in U.S. Treasury notes. has more here.

Wow! AIG to pay 165 million in bonuses after receiving 170 billion in bail out funds - American voters will be outraged when they hear this. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner reportedly demanded the bonuses not be paid but lawyers for American International Group said they were obligated to pay them. How does a company pay bonuses in this situation? More importantly, should the government continue to provide funds to AIG? The NY Times has more here.

CNN is reporting this morning that AIG CEO Edward Liddy sent a letter to Geithner yesterday pledging a reduction in bonuses by 30%. The question remains how do you pay millions of bonuses to employees of a company on the verge of collapse?


Left leaning groups coming together to form Unity '09 - reportedly many left leaning groups are coming together to promote positions on issues. Groups, such as, American Civil Liberties Union, Panned Parenthood and others are involved. Aarin Pickrell a senior aide in the Obama campaign is said to be heading the day to day activities. has more here.


On the foreign policy front, keep an eye on Pakistan where police are battling protesters - fueled by a continuing rift between rivals Nawaz Sharif and President Asif ali Zardari. Sharif lost to Zardari in recent elections and the two have been unable to reach a power sharing agreement in this nuclear armed nation. The stability of Pakistan is imperative in the success of the U.S. in regard to Afghanistan and the Taliban. Stay tuned. has more here.


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