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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Frederick's "Up and Coming" Young Democrats

Optimistic for the Future

Elizabeth Plant Bio

I'm never going to know exactly what to say in these things...

My cohorts in the Frederick Young Democrats are much more politically focused than I, many of them currently are, were, or are considering political science as a major in college. Then there's me, a Theatre major who's political leanings were brought about by a love of the television drama, "The West Wing" (Obama is my Bartlet), feelings of equality for all, having a family friend run for office, and the organic need for structure.

What I like about President Barack Obama are entirely brought about by those things, and my overly optimistic, newly politically active ways have grown as a result.

One way that I have found a sense of optimism and West Wing-ed-ness in the new administration, all three weeks old that it is, is the grand mixture that make up the President's cabinet.

People who have amazing education and life experience. I mean President Obama chose his major rival, Hillary Clinton to be Secretary of State. She is the first former First Lady to not only hold a cabinet position, but as Secretary of State, only the third woman to hold the position ever. Though it would have been more "Santos"-like (another Presidential character in the West Wing) of him to choose Senator John McCain (R-Az.).

Granted, some of this optimism is tempered by the issues that have arisen in the confirmation proceedings. I think I will always have a bit of respect for a man who can be taken seriously while wearing red framed glasses. However, not adding in the car and driver that your company provided for you makes me a little squeamish about what else he could have forgotten in his taxes and in other areas in his life. I'm glad that the President's nominee Tom Daschle looked to the greater good and withdrew from consideration. Rather, than have major questions lingering during his time as Secretary of Health and Human Services.

It also drives me crazy that Hilda Solis's confirmation is being held up because her husband only now paid off the tax liens on his business she had nothing to do with and because not everyone is comfortable with a Secretary of Labor who wants to update labor laws (seriously senators?).

Another reason for my unfailing optimism is the local elections. There's a sense of hope which has trickled its way up 270 and into Frederick. There's a sense that as much as "old Frederick" is still alive and kicking, there are those who see Frederick is changing into an even more multi-cultural and vibrant community.

We are coming into a time where Frederick is moving forward to a place where it won't be considered a little back woods town north of DC, but a place where people of all backgrounds can thrive.

I'm glad that I'm part of the Frederick Young Democrats and I can be called "up and coming" like the rest of them. I'm glad to share with you my thoughts when its my turn, just know it may come off as regular while others may come off as awesome. Just don't judge me on the same scale as you do them, I'm still catching up.


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