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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

City of Frederick Asks for Input on Election Date Change

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As many of our readers know, I proposed a change in the date of the City of Frederick election date to coincide with the Presidential election. You can read more on my position here. This election date change will result in more than doubling the current weak 32% voter turnout and also save the taxpayer some of the costs associated with holding a separate election.

Bipartisan support for the change resulted in the Mayor and Board of Aldermen holding a workshop to discuss this issue. During the workshop held on January 14, 2009, the Mayor and 4 of the 5 Aldermen supported the change. Only Republican Alderman Paul Smith was opposed to the change. You can read more about that meeting here.

Mayor Jeff Holtzinger issued a media advisory yesterday asking for input from citizens on the proposed change. Following positive response, the next hopeful step would be for the Mayor to advertise and schedule a Mayor and Board meeting to formally vote on the proposal.

The President of Frederick Young Democrats, Burke Miller informed me they are planning to go door to door to share with voters their support of this change.

Below is the contact information for the Mayor and Board of Aldermen. Take the time to either call or email them with your support for this change of the election date to coincide with the presidential election. - Jeff Holtzinger (R)
(301) 600-1380 - Marcia Hall (D)

(301) 600-1382 - David Koontz (D)
(301) 600-1386 - Alan Imhoff (R)
(301) 600-1632 - C. Paul Smith (R)
(301) 600-1863 - Donna Kuzemchak (D)
(301) 600-2966
It is way past time to increase the number of voters who determine who your city elected officials will be. When you contact your officials with your support for the election date change to coincide with the presidential election, let them know democracy works best, when higher number of voters participate in the process.
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