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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Democratic Chatter 2-21-2009

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President Barack Obama continued to speak about the recently passed 787 billion Stimulus bill in his weekly address to the nation - He points out that 95% of the working men and women will receive a tax cut. The President also said he will be addressing the massive deficits he inherited once the economy has recovered. You can watch the video of his address by clicking on the photo below.

White House photo 2/20/09 by Pete Souza

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(closed captioning coming soon)

Some disagreement among Democrats over the idea of nationalization of failing U.S. banks - Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) the chair of the senate Banking Committee suggested some nationalization may be needed. While, Barney Frank (D-Mass.) chair of the House Financial Services Committee disagreed. There has been some speculation the talk of nationalization has led to some losses on the Dow Jones last week. The Obama administration has said it prefers a private banking system. has more here.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton holds press conference with Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi - Clinton discussed the importance of working together in solving the worldwide economic crisis. It seems Human Rights, long a topic of discussion between the U.S. and China, were not the main focus of this meeting. The U.S. is a large purchaser of China goods and china is a huge holder of U.S. debt. has more here.
New Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (D) calls on Senator Roland Burris (D) to resign - adding yet another voice to the many calling on the embattled Senator to resign. The Governor also says he supports a bill introduced in the Illinois legislature which would establish a special election to be held in future vacancies in the U.S. Senate seats. has more here.
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) raises 3.5 million in January - this continues the success in fundraising the committee experienced last year. The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) raised 1.63 million in January. Both committees are still paying off debt from the last election with the DCCC reporting a debt of 16 million and the NRCC reporting 6.5 million of debt. has more here.
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