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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Trout Focuses on Helping Low to Moderate Income Families

George Wenschhof
Ryan Trout
With rumors aplenty on who will be running for the two open seats, I reached out to Ryan Trout to find out whether he intended to run for Maryland state delegate in district 3-a.
The announcements from incumbents Patrick Hogan (R) and Galen Clagett (D) that they will not be running for reelection has fueled much speculation on who will take their place in Annapolis.
Shortly, after sitting down for an engaging two hour interview, Ryan Trout, who had run unsuccessfully for Maryland state delegate in district 4-a in the 2010 election, informed me he would not be running for any partisan election in 2014.
His job as the Family Self Sufficiency coordinator with Public Housing in Frederick falls under the Hatch Act which prohibits him from running for delegate. 
Ryan went on to tell me he also “loves his job and his sincere passion is to make the lives of low and moderate income families better”. He added “one reason why I love my current position so much is I am able to have a direct impact and work with wonderful people every day”.
He spoke extensively about his work and was proud of the services provided to help eligible families becomes self sufficient and obtain home ownership.  The comprehensive program works with 25 families at a time and includes educational, employment and financial training components, leading to home ownership.
In addition to his focus on his employment, Ryan told me he recently became engaged and they are looking to buy a home. Interestingly, he met his fiance Alecia Frisby at the Democratic Tent during the Great Frederick Fair.  Alecia is a staff attorney at the Legal Aid Bureau's Midwestern Office.
Ryan Trout told me that although he won’t be running for delegate, he wants to make sure that low to moderate income residents of the state have a voice in Annapolis.
He told me he supports an increase in the state minimum wage and is okay with individual counties passing legislation that provide for an even higher minimum wage.
Trout also strongly supports new jobs programs, pre-K and K-12 education, as well as career and technical education.
In breaking the cycle of poverty, he believes focus should be on economic rights and education.
He would also like to see Maryland become more progressive and move to Universal Health Care.
I asked Ryan, with his education interest, if he would consider running for a nonpartisan seat on the Frederick County Board of Education. He indicated he would need to get clarification from the Federal Elections Commission. Another thought that had crossed his mind was to submit his resume for consideration for the open slot, resulting from Russ Currey’s resignation, on the Frederick County Democratic state Central Committee.
When I asked him if he was supporting any candidates in the Maryland district 3-a state delegate race, he immediately said Carol Krimm is a dedicated public servant who would do well in that position.
The candidates who have filed so far for delegate in district 3-a are Republican Paul Smith, a member of the Frederick board of county commissioners, Republican Chris Huckenpoehler, Democrat and former City of Frederick alderman Carol Krimm and Democrat Nicholas Bouquet.  Bouquet, who has not made an official announcement, filed on 1-17-2014.
Former City of Frederick alderman and mayoral candidate Karen Young (D) and Roger Wilson (D) have filed a statement of organization with the state and indicated their interest in running for delegate in district 3-a.
The deadline for candidates to file in the 2014 state of Maryland elections is February 25.  The primary election will be held on June 24 and the general election will take place on November 4.
Stay tuned.

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