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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Grubb Files for Frederick County Sheriff

George Wenschhof
Kevin Grubb
Former City of Frederick police captain and Deputy Chief Kevin Grubb made it official Friday when he filed for Sheriff of Frederick County, Maryland.
I reported Grubb filed a candidate committee with the state in September of last year and he told me at that time he was considering a run as an unaffiliated candidate.
His filing ensures there will be a contested Republican primary.  Incumbent Republican Sheriff Chuck Jenkins made his run for a third term official on Tuesday.
When I reached Grubb for an comment on why he decided to file, he told me “With 28 years of public service, both in the military,  and with the City of Frederick,  it is a natural progression to run for Sheriff.   I’m excited about the opportunity to run for Sheriff of Frederick County. The citizens of Frederick County will have the opportunity to select their first County Executive and 7 Council Members in 2014, and I think the Sheriff’s Department should play a big part in the successful transition to our new form of government.”
I asked him why he decided to run as a Republican and not as an unaffiliated candidate and he said “I think politics and public safety doesn’t always mix, but it comes down to how people are treated and I’m determined to show Frederick’s citizens everyone can and will be treated with dignity and respect regardless of party affiliation.      
Grubb added he will be inviting supporters to an official announcement soon.
Incumbent Republican sheriff Chuck Jenkins won election two terms ago with a platform centered on illegal immigration and faced no opposition in the last election. 
However, repeated suicides at the Frederick County jail, the death of a man with Down syndrome resulting from actions taken by off duty deputies who were moonlighting as security guards, and two deputies who have been recently suspended as a result of criminal charges, is likely to have an impact on the reelection of Jenkins.
No Democrat has filed for Sheriff at this time.  The deadline for candidates to file in the 2014 election is February 25.
Stay tuned..

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