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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Two More File for Alderman as City of Frederick Candidate Deadline Nears

George Wenschhof

Alan Imhoff
With The City of Frederick candidate July 2 filing deadline only days away, two more filed for the board of alderman.

Former, one term alderman, Republican Alan Imhoff and Democrat Kevin Greene made their entry into the race official on Friday.

Imhoff’s entry makes it six Republican candidates, ensuring a contested primary for Republican voters, who will choose five to move on to the General election.

Greene is the eighth Democratic candidate to file for alderman.  At the time of publication, Geene had not responded to my inquiry as to why he was running for office.

I asked Alan Imhoff, in an email exchange for publication, why he was running and “Do you feel your votes on the acquisition of the Hargett farm or the city buy-out will impact voters in this election?”

Imhoff responded with “Yes decided to run again to hopefully be a catalyst in moving a number of projects along that were started a long time ago, i.e. completion of the multi-use path system as outlined 8 years ago. Also to provide my knowledge and continuing work on long-range planning from a regional perspective both from Washington Area Council of Governments and the Western Maryland Local Government Exchange. Add to that my involvement for over 9 years on the county’s Workforce Develop Board which will tie into my main focus for the next years – jobs.

As to the Hargett Farm and buy-out impact on voters, it is too early for me to gauge what the average voter is currently thinking. Until I get out and talk with our residents I do not think it is high on their list of concerns as other issues, but with some folks it will always be.

Personally, as a long-range planner I do not view the purchase of the Hargett Farm as being a bad one for the City. For me it was purchased to provide sufficient green space for the future, an opportunity to develop better recreational facilities and to minimize increased housing in an area where the road system is not designed to handle that increased housing. I believe that given a 10 to 20 year time frame the City can realize those most of those expectations. Baker Park as we know it today did not appear over night.”

Incumbent Republican alderman Shelley Aloi, has been rumored as running for mayor, reelection as an alderman and also for state delegate next year.

Responding to my inquiry as to what she intended to do, Aloi informed me in an email “I will be making an announcement at City Hall, Tuesday 3 pm.”

The City of Frederick primary election will be held on September 10 and the general election follows on November 5.  Voters will elect the mayor and a five member board of aldermen.

Stay Tuned.
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