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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Holtzinger Files for Mayor

George Wenschhof

Jeff Holtzinger
The long anticipated entry into the City of Frederick mayoral race by Jeff Holtzinger is now official with his filing for the office at city hall.

The former one term mayor will face incumbent Randy McClement in the Republican primary.

The race for mayor promises to be the one to watch in the city election where voters will elect a mayor and a five member board of aldermen.

Already in the race for mayor, are Delegate Galen Clagett and alderwoman Karen Young who will face each other in the Democratic primary.

Rounding out the familiar faces is former Democrat Jennifer Dougherty, another one term mayor, who on her fifth run for the office, has filed as an unaffiliated candidate.

The Republican and Democratic primaries will be held on September 10 and Dougherty, who will not have a primary, receives a free pass to the General Election to be held on November 5.

In an email exchange with Holtzinger, I asked him, for publication; “what are the main reasons you are challenging the incumbent Republican mayor?”

He responded with “I have nothing against Randy personally and know he is viewed as nice guy, which is a good thing. However, I think he has been very ineffective as Mayor.

My observation is that he appears to have difficulty making decisions and has not taken charge as, in my opinion, the Mayor should be doing. This does not mean you need to act like a dictator but you need to be willing to take the lead and make decisions.

As a consequence, very little has been accomplished other than projects that were started and/or initiated prior to this Administration taking office. The City has tremendous in house resources (employees) and I think these resources could have been utilized to get needed public works projects designed, permitted and ready to move toward construction as funding becomes available.

I also am of the opinion that the current BOCC is a very pro municipality Board and that more could have been done jointly with this BOCC to further City interests. My background and experience both inside and outside local government matches well with the major issues that face the Mayor of the City of Frederick.”

I added “Also, sure to come up, will be questions pertaining to your city residency. The city website has your address as 232 Dill Ave.

How long have you lived there?”

Holtzinger responded with “Yes, I am sure. I established residency well before November 2012. I am a renter and yes I am aware that how I established residency may/will be problematic for some voters.

I followed up with the question “In regard to your establishing residency, do you actually live at 232 Dill Ave.?”
Holtzinger responded with “Yes I stay there, but I do run back and forth alot.”

When I asked Jennifer Dougherty in an email if she had a quotable comment on Holtzinger’s entry into the mayoral race she responded with “it does give an opportunity for the issues to include Hargett Farm and the Early Retirement Buy-Out - both still costing the City taxpayers. So I guess Randy, and perhaps Shelley (alderwoman Shelley Aloi-R), can talk about those issues in their Primary.”
Mayor Randy McClement was attending the Maryland Municipal League convention and was unavailable for comment.

The deadline for candidates to file for office in the city election is July 2.
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