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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fun Day in San Francisco!

The gang at Marin Headlands

The "girls" having fun!
Sunday was a beautiful day to visit San Francisco with friends since high school Betsy Russell,Ron Sundergill and his wife Helen.  Here we are at Marin Headlands with Golden Gate Bridge in background. Betsy drove us around all day and it was quickly apparent, she loves the city!
Golden Gate Bridge is so impressive

Betsy has lived out here for thity-five years, Helen was born here and Ron works here - I could not have wished for a better trio to show me around!
Brunch was at Curbside Cafe on California at Fillmore Street and was great!  Mimosas started us off with Helen and Betsy ordering the French Toast - of course, Ron and I had to taste!  I had a traditional omlette and Ron went for the Huevos Rancheros - all were excellent, as was the service from the friendly host and server. They knew Betsy and we got a table at the window overlooking the street!
Curbside Cafe - Yum!
What a day!  Betsy said she had a "parking fairy" and it quickly became obvious, she did!  Whenever we wanted to stop and walk around, a free parking spot would appear.
We managed to pack in a lot and here are a few of the many pictures taken throughout the day.  You could literally see for miles and when we were at the higher elevations looking down at San Francisco, the views were breathtaking.
A happening place with firecrackers popping!
We saw China Town, which was bustling on the Chinese new year, the Mission District, the Castro District, Fisherman's Wharf, the Haight District and more!
Where were you the "summer of love"?
Somewhere, along the way, we stopped and visited the Ghirardelli choclolate shop and there went my diet.  The fudge Betsy bought was shared and only became better as the day wore on, as it became warm and soft from sitting in the car!
Betsy informed me Market street was the main drag and it was distinctive with a palm tree lined median strip.  On such a clear day, it was noticable when we were at Twin Peaks.
Market Street from Twin Peaks
The cable cars were fun to see, as were the buses running on electricity by overhead cables around the streets.
Betsy, Ron and Helen told me they quickly learned how to park on the "hills" of San Francisco - came after cars moved without emergency brake on and bumpers always tapping when trying to move out from parking spaces.
Beautiful Row homes, and this was a slight incline on Steiner Street

Betsy said I had to say hello and this Pelican at Fort Baker quickly became my new friend. Ron added he thought this Pelican was always there.  I noticed he had a band with the number P-20, so that must be a identification number and someone must be tracking!
My new friend, P-20
I was a little slow getting a picture of this seal at Fort Baker, but did get it diving for some of the food which was being tossed off the side.
Seal making dive at Ft. Baker
While, it is now closed as a prison, Alcatraz is open to the public for tours and is still an imposing and eerie sight.
The Rock - Alcatraz Island - San Francisco
No matter where you are, the view of the Golden Gate Bridge gets your attention and becomes another photo!
Ft. Baker view of Golden Gate Bridge
What a fun day!  We met up at 9:30 AM PT and returned to the free public parking lot at Larkspur Ferry around 5:00 PM PT.  I could not have hoped for a better tour!  Betsy, Ron and Helen made it quite enjoyable and will be receiving many thanks from me for some time!

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