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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Romney Wins Illinois Convincingly -
following a overwhelming win in Puerto Rico. Not looking good for Rick Santorum, who is expected to win Louisiana Saturday and Wisconsin on April 3, but fare badly in the scheduled cluster of northeastern states which follow. has more here. has their 5 Takeaways here.

Gingrich and Paul have been done. Their continuance in the Republican primary only a nuisance.

Delegate Totals - Romney: 563, Santorum: 263, Gingrich: 135, Paul: 50


Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Easily Wins Illinois Primary -
he easily dismissed Debbie Halvorson 71% to 29%. has more here.


Obama Begins 4 State Energy Tour -
Today, the President is in Nevada and New Mexico. he will tour a solar facility in Boulder City and visit oil and gas fields in Maljamar, New Mexico. has more here.


Paul Ryan's Dangerous and Intentionally Vague Budget Plan - is a good read in The Washington Post today. The budget battle between Republicans and Democrats has begun anew and will certainly remain a focus in the 2012 election.


Obama to South Korea -
President Obama will visit the demilitarized zone on Sunday. He will attend a three day summit of 54 countries about nuclear security. has more here.


Israel-Palestine Two-State Solution Still Possible? -
Palestinian negotiator doubts it is still possible in wake of the continued settlements by Israel. has more here.


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