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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Ten States Vote Today -
a total of 437 delegates are at stake in the Republican party race for the presidential nomination. Rick Santorum is hoping for a victory in Ohio to give his campaign a shot in the arm. Newt Gingrich is wishing for a solid win in his home state of Georgia to justify staying in the race. Ron Paul is, well, just hanging in there. While, the front runner Mitt Romney, hopes to strengthen his lead.

On the Democratic side, an interesting race to watch is the congressional battle between incumbents Dennis Kucinich, a former presidential candidate and Mary Kaptur, forced to face each due to redistricting. Look to see Kaptur win.

The NY Times has their thoughts on the Romney/Santorum battle in Ohio here.


Obama To Announce New Housing Initiative -
in a scheduled press conference, the president will detail his latest effort to help distressed homeowners. Also, expected to be addressed is an agreement reached with major lenders who wrongly foreclosed on members of the military. has more here.


G-8 Summit Moved to Camp David -
the May 18-19 meeting of international leaders had been scheduled to take place in Chicago. A White House spokesman said it was hoped the rustic retreat in western Maryland would provide for more intimate discussion. The Washington Post has more here.


Iran to Allow IAEA Access To Military Site -
perhaps, in a sign, sanctions by western nations are working Iran agreed to allow U.N. inspectors access to Parchin, a military site suspected to be used for high explosives research. has more here.


U.S. and 5 Other Nations Offer Restart of Iran Nuclear Talks - China, Russia, France, Britain, and Germany joined the United States in a letter to Iran offering a start of negotiations surrounding their nuclear development programs. has more here.

The letter follows the announcement by Iran they would allow U.N. inspectors access to a military site.


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